About Keeler Diagnostic Equipment

Keeler Diagnostic Equipment

Here, for over ninety years Keeler have manufactured top quality precision ophthalmic instruments. The Keeler Ophthalmoscope has been the choice of the ophthalmic profession for decades and continues to be the standard diagnostic instrument for the Optometrist

Why Choose Keeler Optics?

What do you want from your Ophthalmoscope? The best possible view. Keeler Ophthalmoscopes use a unique optical system preferred by practitioners over many generations. The bulb and mirror alignment is carefully computed to deliver the optimal angle and the clearest view.

The Keeler Specialist offers precision optics, versatile features and practical ergonomics, making it the number one choice for ophthalmic practitioners.

Unequalled Quality

The Specialist Ophthalmoscope is perfectly balanced for precise ocular examination. The comprehensive lens range (+44D to -45D in 1D steps) ensures clear and accurate diagnosis of even the most difficult eyes. The Specialist lens range is made up of tiny individual ground glass lenses. The fine gearing of the Morton Track lens system allows you to dial up any lens quickly and easily.


The graticule range offers a total of six diagnostic beams for comprehensive ocular examination. In addition to a choice of three viewing beam sizes, the Specialist includes a Cobalt blue filter, a red-free filter for vessel examination, a fixation cross for assessment of eccentric fixation and a slit to determine changes in retinal elevation.


The Pupillometer comparison disc allows quick assessment of pupil size.

Slimmer Design and Comfortable Fit

A snug orbital fit optimises the field of view and guarantees increased comfort for both practitioner and patient.

Keeler Practitioner Diagnostic Set

Keeler Practitioner Diagnostic Set

A popular otoscope that tends to be purchased by the GP or Primary Care Specialist.

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Further Information

For over ninety years we have manufactured top quality precision ophthalmic instruments

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